The gammaCore non-invasive vagus nerve stimulator from electroCore, a Basking Ridge, New Jersey company, is now available for adult patients to treat acute pain arising from episodic cluster headaches. 

Currently only available with a doctor’s prescription, the gammaCore device is used to transmit an electric current through the neck and to the vagus nerve. 

This is done by placing the electrodes of the gammaCore on the side of the neck and initiating the device’s therapy routine.

The gammaCore can be used just about anywhere and it’s small enough to be taken along to work or on trips. There is no maximum frequency of use that’s indicated so patients can apply it to fight the headaches’ pain as often as they’d like. 

In the long run, it is hoped that the device will result in fewer patients relying on drugs to alleviate pain, reducing the chances for side effects and hopefully leading to improved results.

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