"A friend of mine recently started dating again after losing her husband, and she told me, 'I have bad breath all the time.' She brushed her teeth and ate a healthy diet, and her dentist told her everything was fine.

 It wasn't until I ran a scope that we discovered the problem: She had a lot of residual food in her stomach. 

Some people have a slower digestive system, and foods, especially ones rich in fiber, tend to just sit. With time, they can ferment and cause bad breath.

I started my friend on papaya enzymes, which are available at health-food stores. They help break down proteins in food, speeding digestion. 

Her bad breath cleared up, and she's happily dating now. Papaya enzymes might work for you, too—just see your doctor first to rule out anything more serious, like a gastric ulcer." —Aline Charabaty, M.D.

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