The monsoons are on full swing and it is time to pack your bags to an Ayurveda spa and get yourself pampered.  

It is believed in Ayurveda, the monsoons are the best time to allow your body for a treatment. The wet season is the perfect time to realign the vitiated Doshas of your body. 

During the monsoons the atmosphere tends to be cool and dust free and that is the reason why your body will be more receptive to Ayurveda therapies than any other season. It also accelerates healing.

The human body is fragile during the monsoons. And that is why monsoon is the best time for Ayurvedic treatment or any kind of rejuvenation programme. 

It is better to be rejuvenated with massages during this season as it helps to strengthen the body and soul.

A lot of waste materials are accumulated during the summer and aggravated by the rain; this results in an excess of Vata. The Vata dosha causes several diseases and can aggravate many conditions.

Moreover, the rain falling into the hot summer earth increases acidity in all food materials and vegetables. This aggravates the Pitta dosha, causing fevers, acidity, digestive problems as well as inflammations.

The contaminated water and food with cold climate aggravates Kapha dosha in turn causing cold, cough and allergy and skin diseases.

The monsoon treatments include a combination of various Ayurvedic therapies. During this treatment, Abhyangam, the relaxing synchronized oil massage is used, as is the application of medicated powder and herbal bolus. 

In addition Vasthis are administered to remove the waste from the body. In doing so, the excess of each dosha is purged from the body.

During monsoon the Ayurveda techniques like snehana (oil application) and svedhana (steam treatments) can be used to effortlessly get rid of toxins and negative energies from the body since the tissues in the body are soft and supple.

The monsoon treatment prepares your body to prevent diseases and increase energy levels. It reinvigorates the body and helps in the longevity of life. 

Moreover, it also prevents many another ailments such as arthritis, Spondylitis, back pain, insomnia, muscular pain, stress, and depression.

Also, as monsoons are a lean tourist season, one must take advantage of the special packages offered by Ayurveda spas and treatment centres.

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