Regular yoga practice can result in a very healthy and enriching life. 

If you consider giving yoga practice a try, then these are some of the benefits. 

1. Improves oxygen intake and respiration.

The controlled breathing promotes the respiration through the nose for filtered air rather than the mouth. It also increases the volume in fewer breaths, and hence improves lung functions and capacity.

2. Improves blood circulation.

Another way to ward off many ailments or health problems is through improving blood circulation as it further increases oxygen intake. Yoga pose like Sirsasana helps in improving the blood circulation.

3. Improves Immunity.

If done regularly, yoga gives a boost to your immunity and gives your body ability to fight back against any ailment.

4. Builds inner strength, positive feeling and self-esteem.

Yoga enriches your inner soul. Meditation helps focus on the core strength as it not only improves your physical health but also your mental health.

5. Improves Posture.

The different poses support your backbone and improve your posture. A person may stoop forward because of their height, yoga helps you correct that and other such problems.

6. Helps in better digestion.

It is said that most of the health issues are associated with digestion. Asanas like Vajrasana fights stomach disorders and help relieve the body from all the toxins that lead to different problems.

7. Skin Benefits.

Yoga Asanas and Pranayam benefit blood circulation and digestion. These are the two main factors that do contribute to the wellness of your skin. Improvement in them helps fight skin problem like premature wrinkling, acne and pimples. There are facial yoga exercises that help too.

8. Helps combat ailments and health problems.

Yoga was devised to combat a number of ailments and problems. Regular practice relieves your body from any severe pain that you experience.

9.  Increases flexibility and strength.

Of course, the stretching through different yoga poses improves flexibility in the body. It also develops your bones and muscles and makes them strong. It also improves stamina.

10. Reduces stress.

Pranayam and other breathing activities, help you focus on the present and relax your system. The act of slow, deep breathing on counts has a soothing effect on your overall body, relaxes your muscles and releases any kind of tension from your limbs.

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